The Red Country Cupboard - goats milk soaps and other indulgences
Other Treats
Indulge yourself and make your senses
With the products listed below, your
heart and soul will feel extravagant;
only your mind will know the difference.
The products on this page can be prepared 
as pure and simple (without fragrance)
or with any of the following
fragrance oils:
Apricot Freesia
Baby Grace
Chocolate Bliss
Cranberry & Pomegranate
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Fresh Aire
Fresh Ginger Lime
Green Clover & Aloe
Juicy Pink Grapefruit
Moonlight Path
Papaya & Water Lily
Pineapple Blossom
Pink Sugar
Rice Flower & Shea
Vanilla Black Raspberry 
White Dianmond
White Shoulders
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Body Soft Sugar Scrub                 $5.00 each                                
8 oz of gentle exfoliation that leaves skin
wonderfully soft. 
Just like a spa at a fraction of the cost  
Sugar Scrub Cubes                  $5.00 per pkg 
container of  sugar cubes for gentle exfoliation and moisturizing.
Can be made in the fragrance of your choice.
solid sugar scrub cubes
Aftershave                                    $5.00 each
8 oz of liquid that provides tone and soothing moisture for your skin.  Contains no alcohol.
Linen Spray                                    $5.00 each
8 oz bottle ~~ because everything should
smell nice!  Apply to bed linens before
bedtime for a relaxing sleep or use this
as a pick me up for other linens or clothing.
Bubble Cakes                                $1.00 each
2 oz - 3 oz each ~~ This will be your newest addiction!! Mounds of bubbles plus
skin moisturizing oils and other nutrients.
Run your bath, add your bubble cake,
light a candle, play soft music and relax.
Because bathing isn't just for getting clean!!
bubble cakes, bubble bath, relaxation, moisturizing, soft skin
Sweet Mud Facial Powder             $5.00 each
enough powder for 5 soothing facials
made up of Dead Sea earth and Kaolin Clay
Relax in your bubble bath while you are treating yourself to a definate spa experience.
Eye Spa Pillows                        $5.00 per pkg
4 sets of eye spa pillows to use with your
bubble bath and facial.
Wet these with cool water and place on
eyes to finish out your spa experience. 
One time use only.
 Lip Balm                                    $1.00 each
.15 oz of creamy lip butter that comes in
the following flavors:
raspberry crème, raspberry peach cobbler,
raspberry pomegranate, cucumber melon,
vanilla butter crème, mango mango, slice of watermelon, very peach, wintermint, bubble gum, creamy coconut, huckleberry, juicy pink grapefruit or strawberry.
Lip Gloss                                    $3.00 each
.20 oz  of pure shine!  Available in the above flavors. 
Body or Linen Powder                 $5.00 each
6 oz ~ contains cornstarch, rice flour, kaolin
clay and fragrance or essential oils.  Use as a
body powder or sprinkle on bed linens for a
silky smooth feeling.
Massage Candle                           $6.00 each
8 oz ~~ light this candle, let it burn to make
a small puddle & extinguish. Pour puddled
liquid into your hand and use for a warm
What a treat to beat the winter blues. 
This is to die for!!
Also available in 4 oz size           $4.00 each
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